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    This artificial island is constituted by a central polygonal platform joined, through a series of segments to an external breakwater barrier
    of protection.
    It has been planned in order to provide a wide, strong, stable and safe structure, able to resist the most violent storms and,
    for this reason, usable also on deep seas.

    Its possibilities of use can be the most varied, for example: complex oil-platform, power station, touristic use isle with protected harbours, military aeronaval base, civilian airport, great commercial port and a lot more.
    Its great dimension; its particular form “as a wheel” or as a “compass card”; its elevated weight due also to the mass of water that can be contained in a regulated way in the inferior departement of the hulls, with the function of inertial stabilizer; its peculiar and  various defences
    of surface from the wave motion; the excellent balance and stability of the external barrier due to the hulls made as a “sea-gull wing”, and
    to the stabilizing plates with panels of hydrodynamic resistance; the special berths’hook, as well as the original types of elastic junction
    created for an effective union of the various parts, give to this invention those unpublished characteristics of novelty necessary and sufficient
    to open a new age in the relationship between the man and the sea.
    The structural definitions proposed and the various devices invented that give the island the valuable requisites of sturdiness, stability,
    reliability, efficacy, elasticity, unsinkability,
    mobility and extreme polyvalence are the results of:
    a) study and application of the physics laws
    b) study of text-books concernig the maritime constructions
    c) personal experiences in maritime ambit and careful observation of natural phenomena
    d) incessant research of practicable solutions to render safe, sheltered and unsinkable
    an artificial island positionable also on deep seas till to about 1,200 metres and more
    e) dialogues and comparaisons occurred among persons interested to this idea.

    My invention, already patented about on the whole, is valid and fully utilizable in profitable ways for the most diversified buts in the civil,
    scientific, industrial, military, commercial and tourist fields, and I hope that it, with its suitable exposition and popularization, can meet a favourable checking, with a large number of demands of further explanation and investigation also of technical character.

    For those peoples who are truly interested to its realization, either like an individual person or like a private society or like a public institution,
    it’s already available the pertinent multimedial cd-rom, gettable on demand and till to availability, in which they are explained and visible
    some particularity of its functioning, others, on the contrary, for comprehensible reasons of opportunity and secrecy, haven’t been well 
    defined or put
    in evidence.

    Bearing in mind the extreme modularity of the project, it can be easily planned for the use established in advance and, later, in case of
    given up the initial purposes or its economical
    convenience, the island can be reconverted without too much problems and exploited for
    different aims, and even troubleless dismounted, transferred and reassembled in a diverse locality.

    As an exemple, it can be utilized as a complex platform for the pulling out of hydrocarbons with the possibility to have in the same place
    and in the same time, besides the well shielded oil-wells, the refiring and tranformation plants and a lot of large floating tanks for the 
    storage of crude oil or processed products together with several docks safe and well equipped for berthing of tankers.

    Otherwise, the isle could be profitably used as a trade harbour for the sorting of containers from the major international companies of
    logistics and of freightage and, moreover, if we could have such structures and, if also in Italy they really resolve to begin exploiting, at
    least for the longest distances, the so called “marine expressway”, it should be a huge advantage either for the environmental point of wiew,
    or economical convenience as regards to the current high costs of the transportation on the roads.

    In these circumstances the consequent  minor traffic on the terrestrial motorways and, therefore, for the lower air pollution because of the
    smaller consumption of fuels, last but not least, could bring forth a remarkable improvement of the whole population health.

    Naturally, supposing that this change could be really carried out, it should be also necessary to increase the number of the available 
    ferry-boats. This objective could be achieved either by a gradual transfer of the most part of passengers traffic on the new faster superferries
    or by utilizing all other means of shipping, at present on duty, included those maybe disposable after the building of the ghostly “Strait of
    Messina bridge”, or together with the purchasing and opportune orders of a lot of new greater and more suitable vessels for the conveyance
    of a ever more larger quantity of big trucks.

    A series of artificial isles like this, possibly adjusted to the optimum dimensions and located on right soundings and provided with safe, opportune and practicable links with the mainland nearby the biggest industrial and commercial centres of the peninsula and of the largest islands, could become the ideal solution for the great and unsolved problem of the transportation of goods in our Country.

    Besides, the consequent shifting on the sea of a lot of harbour activities such as loading and discharging of commodities, its transfer from
    a merchant ship to another and its storage, should give back available wide docks for a different, healthier and advantageous employment
    in the touristic, sporting, residential and of the entertainement fields.

    Opportunely shaped and dimensioned, this construction could become a great military aeronaval base, strategically located, provided with
    an appropriate airport, numerous hangars, various and capacious docks, well protected from the wave motion, for the contemporary 
    berthing of the large number of warships composing a fleet, and a lot of
    wide floating military stores for the supply and the armaments.

    For the biggest sea-cities, this kind of island could solve the problem of the availability of a suitable seat for fairs and exhibitions, in fact it,
    with its spacious multistorey car parks and with its large disposable surfaces either on the great floating platforms or in the numerous docks would become the ideal structure for this kind of demonstrations and, likewise, it would be particulary appropriate to carry out the function of nautical show.

    Other possible and fitting use, in a particular way for Italy now that they are proceeding to the deregulation of the electric power production, should be exactly its employment like a polyfunctional power station, that is, at the same time all the various structures of the isle could form
    the ideal basis for installing unlike means of production of electric current as polycombustibile, eolic, photovoltaic and piezoelectric power stations, exploiting this way also the great natural and free strenghts like the sun, the wind and the wave motion.

    Thinking to a probable touristic utilization of the construction, it can be conceived like an original frame to which they lead either little ports equipped for the amusement navigation with varied kinds of “fingers” usable for the rest both of little boats and of imposing yachts or larger harbours fit for the docking of the biggest cruising liners.
    Contextually, the central platform of this isle could be destined to a luxury holiday resort with annexed “casinos” and one or more supplementary floating platforms could be utilized for sports plants, tropical garden and swimming pool, commercial centres, refined restaurants, smart dancings or something else, whereas some portions of one of  the basins could be exploited as plants of pisciculture, in order to have always availability of fresh fish for tourists. Therefore we could think to create a new true and original “Las Vegas” on the sea.

    If placed out of the territorial waters of coastal countries, this kind of artificial island, although the idea can appear abstruse or absurde, some very rich capitalist or holding company could think to built and establish a new sovereign state, endowed with its own extraterritoriality towards the more neighbouring countries.

    Finally, for now, I believe that this invention could reveal itself very helpful, with its low environmental impact features, also for some little but rich coastal countries not endowed with a large level ground utilizable for certain important and necessary services and installation like in the case
    of the Principality of Monaco, Hong-Kong, Singapore and as well as other larger like Japan, Taiwan, Holland or Belgium that have lacking of adequate spaces near the places where they should be necessary.


    The supposable expenses for the building of  works of this kind, according to forcedly approximate calculations, susceptible of 10-15% differences as regards those estimated, could be respectively, for each of the models assumed by way of example, only for all the metallic
    or other material structures and mechanism of flexibility and stabilisation afferent the central body of the island and the whole external barrier, without considering all overstructures, industrial, touristic or commercial plants, supplementary floating and polyvalent platforms, and the possible additional floating elements for the mainland
    linking bridge, those following described:

    a) - smaller model with six rays, having an hexagonal central platform with a “diameter” of
    about 550 meters and with a total “circular” area wich “diameter” could be of about 1,400 meters: in the version for seas having shallow waters, that is till to 80/90 metres of depth, 450/500 millions of Euro, whereas in the version for deep waters, that is over 100 meters, the total cost could increase, gradually, till to about 5 - 10%;

    b) - medium model with eight rays, having an octagonal central platform with a “diameter” of about 600 meters and with a total “circular” area wich “diameter” could be of about 1,800 meters: version shallow waters 650/700 millions of Euro; version deep waters, the same previous reasoning and calculation;

    c) - large model with sixteen rays, having a central platform with a “diameter” of about 1,000 meters and with a total “circular” area wich “diameter” could be of about 2,500 meters: version shallow waters 1,200/1,300 millions of Euro, version deep waters, the same as previously;

    d) - model “airport” with ellipsoidal central platform having a length of about 2,400 meters and a width of 1,200 meters, with a total “elliptical” area whose longest "axis" could be of about 3,500 meters: version shallow waters 2,400/2,500 millions of Euro; version deep waters  the same as previous examples.

    How one can easily perceive from what above expounded, naturally, all depends from  the requested dimension, from its location in more or less deep waters and from its planned use.

    For what pertains to the heigth of different components of the handwork, that is varied slices of the platform and segment which join itself to the breakwater barrier and compose the same, they could measure, in conformity with the chosen model, altogether from 24 to 36 meters excluding the floatation supporting cylinders and considering that about a third of the structures must be view as a soaked portion. For what refers its breadth, in the widest point of every segment they are estimated analogous sizes.

    A more diligent viewing of the whole project and of the technical details, still unpublished but largely disposable also for possible investigations from peoples truly interested to the realization of one of these projects, shall inform them in the best and more convincing way about the actual possibilities of its execution and, in spite of the importance of expenditures, of its economic convenience in comparaison with other

    In the end, I report you that, recently, a new model of artificial island has been set up; it has analogous dimensions od the type “a)”, that is an overall ”diameter” of 1,400 metres, particulary suitable to be utilized in deep waters till to 90/100 metres, but also more by the adoption of peculiar contrivances.

    Its principal innovative features, in comparaison with the above described exemplars are fundamentally two:
    - the first of architectural kind, consisting the hexagonal central platform which is bordered with twelve sectors, some rectangular and some triangular;
    - the second concerning the lack of the external angular junction platforms among the various segments that are directly joined each other with
    a different, more simplified
    but nevertheless efficacious joining system, without the previous complicated gears for the horizontal elasticity.
    These changes allow a price lowering of about 10% at a parity of available areas.
    Such isle is provided with three harbours equipped with piers for the mooring of boats and various size ships.


    In the last months they have been carried out further new floating artificial island projects having smaller dimensions, if compared to those
    at first foreseen, to meet the requests
    coming from wealthy people and from Companies involved in the nautical tourism, refreshment, entertainement and gaming-houses in proximity of the coastline, either inside or ouside the Territorial Waters.
    Such activities could be developed also on “Private” floating isles if its construction costs were not so high like those estimated in the above-mentioned examples which, in truth, are related to different utilizations.

    Naturally, also for these “small” islands the proposed projects are “Preliminary Project Proposals”, in fact, for to achieve the availability of a “Definite Project” pertinent “Great Structures” like those we are treating, it’s necessary to sustain the “detailed technical planning” rather elevated expenses that could take from the minimum of  6 - 7 Millions of Euro for the smaller pattern to 14 -15 Millions of Euro, or more for
    those bigger destined to deeper waters.

    Anyhow, these isles new sort can be of different bigness and may have unlike perimetrical outlines, they can be planned also in diversified
    ways according to the Customers’ peculiar
    requirements, thanks to a new model of modular components having a fitness higher level.



    Another interesting project, which should be carefully examined from those Countries
    that don't have the availability of wide levelled areas near their coastline, often intensively urbanized, it could be that of an innovative system of building large, modular, particular floating platforms, easily connectable each other.
    They could be utilized for the construction of public interest great installations such as: airports provided with long and wide landing strips, commercial harbours endowed with appropriate terminals for the container switching, sport plants, touristic establishments and little ports for hobby navigation, or for other purposes according to the most various necessities.

    Such large floating structures could be easily linked to the mainland by special floating bridges and so, they could carrying out in the best way their functions and, afterwards, reconverted for other preferable uses.

    The following design is that relative to Intercontinental Airport's construction hypothesis, which shoul be linked with the coast by a twin floating bridges joininig system; it is likewise gifted with two sheltered harbours, the one commercial the other touristic, facing the shore.

    The approximated dimensions of these installations should be the following:
    - airport total length: about 5,000 metres
    - airport total width: about 1,500 metres
    - mainland's linkworks total length: about 1,500 metres
    - inside the sea emerging hull's piece it has been foreseen the availability, for the whole
      airport extension, of large shed about 8 (eight) metres high fully utilizable for storage
      and for different tourist and commercial services.

    The total approximated costs of the displayed works has been calculated about 7,000 - 7,200 millions of Euro, excluded the expenses relative the two air terminals and the other strictly airport technical plants.

    Who should be interested in more detailed information relating to my projects and in its actual feasibility, should ask me for them and, if
    only it doesn’t be a matter of lossing time, I’ll look for to satisfy every reasonable needs of explanations.

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      Main pictures of the project

    Principal technical drawings of structural components

    Some technical drawings of structures elasticity mechanisms

    Some examples of the possible island patterns

    Pictures of the sea level emerging structures

    Pictures of the always bathed structures

    Pictures of the revolving segments for the access into the wet basins

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